Yeast is a mold that normally lives in certain skins area in small numbers. The other name that represents the yeast is candida albicans. Yeast infection means that too many cells are growing in certain area of the skin, causes itching or soreness and sometimes burning. And the question now is “can this kind of infection be contagious under women’s breasts?”, so lets talk about the yeast infection under breast now.

How Yeast Infection could invade under breasts skin?

yeast infection under breast

Many have claimed that yeast infection is able to be contagious under women’s breasts as well. Since yeast normally lives on skin tissue and grows readily in moist, warm environments, the skin beneath the breasts is the perfect place for yeast to overgrow if perspiration or other moisture is allowed to remain on the breasts folds.

Other conditions can also trigger the yeast to infect the under breasts skin; large breast or obesity is believed as a condition that can prompt yeast infection under the breasts. The position of breasts that occur against the upper body establish a warm, damp space for yeast to grow. In addition, people who are overweight may have additional folds of skin under the breasts. These folds can retain moisture and be more difficult to keep dry, resulting yeast infections.

Effects on women’s life

This yeast infection under women’ breasts absolutely give a negative effect especially in women’s life. The itching, soreness and burning which are cause by the infections distract their activities, being uncomfortable in every situation and not confidence.

Prevention and treatments

yeast under breastSome actions must be taken to prevent the yeast infection to grow and cleansing beneath the breasts and drying skin routinely may help decrease the risk of yeast growth. To control moisture and inhibit to grow, antifungal powder is recommended to use under the breasts skin. A cotton bra can also be helpful as cotton permits better air circulation to prevent the skin to be moist. In every situation, no matter what, do not use or avoid using somebody else’s towels because it is too risky to use other people’s towels, as this infection can spread by any equipment that the sufferer uses.

Beside the prevention, there are some treatments or medication that are believed enable yeast infection under women’ breasts to be cured, and they are including; Antifungal agents such as creams, shampoos, and liniments. Antifungal medication can also be useful, such as injection and medication in tablet form.

If the causes of infection can be taken under control, the infection will disappear after the antifungal treatment. However, like other mold infections, this condition may reappear if certain environments which allow the fungus grow is created again. Actually, we have posted about yeast infection home remedy using tree tea oil here and more about yeast treatment can be found here. See you in the next post.


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