Concealing cold sores is possibly the first thing people to do, especially when visiting an important occasion. Cold sores usually appear in childhood, the virus (hsv-1) which causes cold sores generally infect the moist part of the skin lining the mouth. The virus is likely spreading through kissing from someone who has already had the virus. The first infection may cause various symptoms, such as; painful mouth, sore throat, and fever. Hsv-1 thrives inside human’s body when his/her immune system is currently weak, and it may develop into genital herpes when having oral sex.

Surprising facts about medical estimation which more than 70% of adults are infected by cold sores. However, only 30% of them will experience the plague of cold sores. People who are not contracted by cold sores, usually have their antibodies are strong enough to fight off against the spread of the virus.

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After a person has the virus which causes cold sores, she/he will have it forever, and currently there is no efficacious remedy for cold sores yet. The virus hides along the skin nerve, and it normally doesn’t migrate to other part of the skin. Thus, cold sores appear in the same area when outbreak happens. The recurrent which takes place on the infected area is repeating every year. That’s why people tend to conceal their herpes, as it is a lot easier to do and they have familiarized the area which is recurrent usually appears.

The Triggers of Cold Sores

Cold sores may be the worst thing which is ruining the entire life of a person. Commonly, the first appearance of cold sores is followed by fever, swollen lymph nodes, and pain. Hereinafter, cold sores can be caused by stress, extreme temperature, sunlight, and the hormonal changes such as menstruation and menopause. Other facts can be taken into consideration:

  1. People usually have their outbreaks appear up to 3 times in a year. Therefore, the sufferers are recommended to prepare enough topical remedy.
  2. The common duration of cold sores is 3 weeks, if left untreated, cold sores will take place less than a week.
  3. Other triggers of cold sores include; excessive consumption of alcohol, pregnancy, and steroids.

The Appearance of Cold Sores

Herpes lesions look like mosquito bites which are red. Moreover, some people are calling them fever blisters, as having fever can also cause the recurrent of cold sores. As we might be familiar, they often appear around the mouth, on the border of lip line. The blisters may vary in size ranging from pencil eraser to small coin.

Although they commonly occur in lips, their appearance can also be found in cheeks, chin, or nose. Cold sores rarely take place on other parts of the body. The blisters are usually filled with clear liquid which may leak outside and dry out, to finally form crusty scab. The crusty scab will appear bigger than cold sores themselves.

The appearance of cold sores is usually followed by numbing, itchy, or burning sensation on area which lesions appear. Sufferers commonly experience the symptoms for hours or days before cold sores are getting worst.

Making Your Cold Sores Hidden

When cold sores lesions are appearing, people might wish to conceal rather than to quickly heal them. Nowadays, concealers are available at pharmacists. However, they should be taken carefully, for not redundantly dragging more skin. Thus, you have to apply them precisely and correctly. Anyways, this is how it works:

  • Make sure your cold sores area is dry and clean. Carefully apply the thin layer of moisturizer (you may use the soothing toner).
  • Use stippling brush to apply liquid concealers around cold sores area. Smoothly tap the brush until your cold sores are covered.
  • Blend the concealers using clean finger or makeup sponge gently.
  • Protect the area of cold sores from heat of the sun by using powder of sunscreen.
  • The last one is checking the area must not appear too humid or too dry.

That’s it of our concealing cold sores tips/tricks. Normally, people are wanting to make their embarrassing lesions or scab to soon go away. However, it is more important to avoid the plague to the others by effectively following experiments, so you will find the best solution to minimize the discomfort and spread. Have a nice try and good luck!

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